1. Various Artists. Ten Below


    10 interpretations of winter and the effects of extreme cold on sound.

    Featuring: Tore H. Bøe, Bokor, Brekekekexkoaxkoax, Andrew Duke, Dale Lloyd, Nathan McNinch, Anders Ostberg, Ben Owen, Mathieu Ruhlmann, Liquid Sphere.

    Cat O44
    Edition 500

    I submitted a vocal and contact microphone piece titled Lost Horizon. Another lone track recorded in 1999 but never used. This is a special release for me as it represents my first and only bonafide, proper CD, not cdr. I know what you’re thinking, who cares right?

    Many thanks to Nathan McNinch for including me, as well as the elaborate cloth bag the CD came packaged in.

    From Vital Weekly:

    There is a general sound characteristic about this compilation and that’s ultra-minimalism (with big M) and lots of quietness. Kind of music you should listen in a very quiet place, turn up the volume more than usual and, of course, concentrate on the music. One of the tracks I noticed first is Bokor’s ‘Lost horizon’, the most ambient sounding piece here but in a very minimal way, more interesting than the usual ambient. There’s no info on the cover (which is very nicely designed), but I guess Bokor is Zac Keiller from Australia. Nathan Mcninch’s (who runs the label) piece ‘Winter fold (part 1)’ continues the sound of his album, very silent droney sound, based on obscure and not recognizable field recordings among other things I think. There are field recording (or alike) sounds in other tracks too, by Tore H. Boe, Dale Lloyd, Anders Ostberg, Ben Owen… Very small sounds combined with other silent (often droney) sounds or treated. There are no dynamic tracks here, the whole release is very tame and peaceful. The track from Brekekekexkoaxkoax is based on a sinewave that turns into a drone and disappears in 3 and a half minutes. The other artists included are Andrew Duke, Mathieu Ruhlman and Liquid Sphere, all a part of this nice showcase of minimalism in the contemporary music. (BR)

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    Zac Keiller - Lost Horizon by Zac Keiller